1.Bio Mos Kill- BTI (AS):

Isolated by the VCRC-Pondicherry, the BTI (AS) provides tremendous control on the Anopheles, Aedes and Culex spp. Larvae. Highly recommended by the WHO; the BTI (AS) provides effective control over the disease carrier mosquitoes during pre adult stages or during the larval stage. Being in aqueous suspension form, the larvaecide dissolves easily and the action lasts longer. It is a 100% biological insecticide which is safe to all the aquatic life and domestic creatures including human beings. With a quick action on the target pests, the results can be viewed within 2 hours. The action involves sporolation of bacteria when applied in water, entry into the digestive system of larvae, paralysing the host and finally mortality. The following advantages are achieved upon application of BTI(AS):

  • Mass control over the mosquito population in larval stage.
  • Completely eco friendly and safe for aquatic life, domestic creatures and human beings.
  • Quick action and results within 2-6 hours.
  • Completely indigenous with adaptability to local conditions of temperature and surroundings.
  • Longer shelf life of 2 years.
  • Delta Endotoxine min. 2%
Bio Mos
2.Pyrethrum Spray:

6. Pyrethrum Spray: It is a recommended adulticide for the control of adult Ae Aegypti mosquitoes. Commercial formulation of 2% pyrethrum extract is diluted with kerosene in the ratio of one part with 19 parts of kerosene (v/v). Thus, in order to obtain a ready to spray formulation of 20 litres; 1litre of 2% pyrethrum extract is diluted with 19 litres of kerosene. After dilution the formulation is sprayed with Filt pump or hand operated fogging machine fitted with micro discharge nozzle.


A recommended larvaecide in granule form which can be applied in sources of stagnant waters and mosquito breeding sites in co ordination with health authorities.

Economical,Effective and Eco Friendly way to control insects and pests

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