About Us

About us

Incorporated in 1999, FINE TRAP INDIA as a company has been devoted in the field of agriculture by putting its best efforts and years of research for the improvement of farming technology. Fine Trap India has been, over the years, inducting user friendly and environment safe devices to create conducive and independent farming practices. FTI is committed to the cause of providing a healthy living for all through adoption of natural processes for farming, pest management and proper hygiene and sanitation.

FTI has been instrumental in addressing to the complex issues of the farmers like resistant pest varieties, resurgence of pest, development of secondary pest, health hazards due to repeated spray cycles, threat to environment, depletion of soil fertility etc. All such issues have been attended to and solutions provided the natural way keeping the environment safe and eco system balanced. We are the pioneers in adopting a combination of traps to provide effective control over 90% of adult insect pests’ varieties.

We encourage the use of very effective IPM techniques to safeguard the crops, vegetables, fruits and flowers from the pest insect menace and help the farming community to reduce the losses to a great extent. We also advice implementation of biological and natural ingredients for soil nourishment and promote plant health.

FTI offers a wide range of products best suited to the farmers changing requirements adapting to the modern technology. We also provide our services in remote areas for implementation and usage of the available techniques. We conduct seminars and farmers training sessions to make them aware about the technology at their disposal and the methods to utilize them.

Besides the agricultural sector; FTI is very much active in the health segment and is committed to provide a safe and hygienic living environment for all. We provide various biological inputs for control of potentially life hazardous diseases spread by vectors. In addition we conduct health seminars to spread the knowledge of the available inputs, their application and their advantages to the humans. Our products in the health sector are completely safe to the environment, the eco system and all other organisms except the target pests.

FTI has a full fledged integrated manufacturing unit at Yavatmal, Maharashtra and a state of the art biological laboratory cum manufacturing unit at Butibori, Nagpur, Maharashtra. Fine Trap India, under the able guidance of our Managing Director; is powered by a team of dedicated and qualified force to form the core of the service oriented organisation.

Our vision is to observe our organisation reach every corner and to every user of the available technology and inputs thereby attain self sufficiency and sustainability.

Economical,Effective and Eco Friendly way to control insects and pests

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